What is a Real Man?

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I’m sure most of you have seen this video floating around Facebook, and I’m sure you had some opinions about it after watching it like I did.

I’m referring to the video of Dame Dash discussing what a real man is on The Breakfast Club(Skip to around 15:00):

Now, basically,(correct me if I’m wrong) Dash is saying that, if you have a 9 to 5 and have a boss, you aren’t a real man and you need to do better.

I wholeheartedly disagree….sorry Dame…..

He emphasized that, if you can’t come and go as you please and are at risk of getting fired, you’re not a real man.


If you have a regular job – kudos, because not every man has one, or wants one for that matter. Secondly, if you do get fired, a real man knows how to pick himself up and find another one. If he’s having trouble, he still knows how to take care of his family in the meantime. Besides, not everyone is cut out to be a so-called boss. Not every man is meant to run a company or be responsible for a large group of people – it just isn’t his calling. So just because he works for someone doesn’t make him any less of a man than you, Mr. Dash.

Granted, being able to leave a legacy for your children is important and something that every father should want for his children – that I agree with him on – but to blatantly disrespect another man just because he makes his living and provides for his family differently than you, sir? Nah, I can’t get down with that one. 

I mean, come on. My father doesn’t have his own company, but he is literally the hardest working and most real man I know. He has always been able to provide for his family and give us everything we needed, even if that meant he had to go without. A real man doesn’t need anything – he’s happy knowing that his family is taken care of.

So in conclusion, Mr. Dash, in my opinion, just seems to be looking at manhood from a prideful and materialistic perspective. And I personally do not take much of a liking to it. How would he feel if someone came to him and attempted to belittle his livelihood and his status as a man?

What did you guys think of the interview? Is he speaking the truth or is it completely ridiculous?

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