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Final Thoughts (Colossians Bible Study – Chapter 4)

I’m sorry for being late again! But Today’s “Weekly Blessing” is coming to you on a Tuesday!

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Colossians Chapter 1

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And now for the grand finale….chapter 4!

The final book of Colossians starts off with Paul finishing up the roles of a Christian and discussing the responsibilities masters and servants have to each other which I briefly discussed in chapter 3. Most people look at what Paul discussed, claiming that he was promoting slavery and that the Bible as a whole promotes slavery. 


Slavery was cruel, unfair, and there was no justice involved. Paul encouraged masters and their slaves to have a completely different experience. Paul asked servants to serve willfully and for masters to be fair and just, because they, too, have a Father in Heaven that they serve(Verse 1). We also have to take into context the time in which this was written. Slavery was a common thing. Therefore, we can’t be so firm as to what things meant. To them, slavery could have equated a regular job nowadays – we are to do our best in our work, just as our bosses and supervisors should strive to be fair to us. He also mentioned that masters and servants should pray together and for one another – do you really think they did that in modern slavery?

In verses 2-6, Paul asks the church to pray for him, as he prays for them, to have to words to speak and share God’s Word. Paul also encourages the church to “live wisely” in the world and “be gracious” in conversation with people. This is important for any believer, because, if we’re being honest, the lack of this from believers today is why many people don’t like Christians. They are quick to call us “Judgmental” and “Not Nice” in general.

And lastly, Paul ends his letter with greetings from fellow believers and prisoners, lets them know that he has people that will look out for them and keep them updated with everything going on with him, and that they should be sure to keep in touch with the church at Laodicea and exchange letters.

Simple chapter, but an excellent ending to the chapter! And this officially wraps up our study of the book of Colossians! Be sure to check back here every Sunday for more “Weekly Blessings” and let me know which book you’d like to study next!

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