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Weekly Blessings:Week 84:Stronger Than Your Struggle

Good morning!

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Guys, I feel good this morning. I feel good because God has granted me the peace, understanding, and release that I’ve been struggling so hard for for the past year and a half. God has been amazing to me this week and I hope he’s been good to you too!

But I’m not going to talk about myself this week. I have something to encourage you with!

I discovered Richard Taylor, Jr. on Periscope and I’ve been watching him ever since! He’s an excellent speaker who always give you something to think about. He also has his own website call Unashamed Nation. Below is a video he posted to YouTube that I though would help to start your Sunday morning off the right way and give you some much-needed encouragement. Check it out:

He’s right – you ARE stronger than your struggle! It may seem difficult right now, but things will get better for you, I promise. Don’t allow the things of this world to break you down and throw you to and fro – God is there to help you. You just have to be willing to acknowledge Him and let Him guide you through.
It’s not much today, but sometimes you don’t need a whole novel of a post written to get what you need from the Lord. Be encouraged today, and embrace this week with renewed strength!
Have a blessed week, in Jesus’ name!!

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