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4 Lessons I Learned from my First Speaking Engagement

I recently had the honor of being a speaker on a panel of amazing women at a Women’s Empowerment Conference. Awesome experience!

The event was called Women Empowerment: Women of Today and man was it POWERFUL! If you’d like to watch the event, check it out below:

This event was actually my first public speaking engagement of this kind, so I was extremely nervous about how I would do and how things would go, but it turned out great and I had a wonderful time with all the ladies! I also learned some things too.

1. Your Story Is Powerful 

The first thing I learned at the event was that, no matter what your story is, it is indeed powerful and can change someone’s life. Each lady on the panel had a different topic, and they all had a different story that they could attach with it. Upon first glance of these women, you wouldn’t know all the stuff they went through, but that goes to show that with God, you always come out on top and unscathed! The stories we told and the experiences we shared with the audience that day……we don’t know who we helped or who we inspired to keep pushing forward. And that goes for anyone. Don’t run from your past or experiences, tell someone so that you can be an inspiration and their motivation.

2. Never Underestimate the Importance of Knowing Your Identity in Christ

I think one of the many common themes that the other women and I spoke about was the importance of identity. Some of these women went through bouts of depression, suicide attempts, church rejection, failed relationships, and so on and so forth. But once you are able to tap into your identity in Christ, that’s when things start to fall into place.

3. Audience Numbers Don’t Matter

I know Ericka, the lady who we were celebrating at the event and the one who put the event together, was slightly disappointed that not as many people as she expected to come actually came to the event. But, as I’ve had to learn myself this past year, it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. She didn’t have as many people as she wanted, but it was still a great crowd. And not only that, but they were engaged, interested, and received everything we had to say. And, to top it off, there was so much love in the room! The people who needed to be there were there, and there was a great audience online who were able to watch the replay and get the message. So, numbers don’t matter. I’d rather have an interactive audience of 10 than 100 people in the crowd who are dead and don’t wanna hear what I have to say!

4. You Make Friends in The Most Unexpected Places

I think the last, and most important thing I learned from this experience was that you never know where life will take you and how you cross paths with people. And sometimes those people are some of the greatest people you will ever know! That’s what happened to me during this event. Ericka and I went to school together, so we had known each other for years, and I had recently met Angenett, Stephanie, and Chris as I was growing B.O.N.D. and getting it off the ground, and I had actually recommended them to Ericka for the event. LaRhonda and I had actually met earlier this year as well because she worked with a client of mine. I also was able to get to know Ericka’s friend and event host, Ashanti, better and she’s really nice. But, it was this particular event that really brought us all together and helped grow a bond that I’m not sure if any of us truly understood was there. I can personally say that I’ve never been one to had female friends – it was always a struggle for me. But though my growing friendships with these ladies, I’ve come to realize that there’s a difference between “girl friends” and “women friends.” It’s a beautiful thing.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m so happy that I took the plunge, stepped out of my comfort zone, and spoke at the event. I was so scared, but I made it through and I got so much out of it! So I want to encourage all of you to take the plunge, do something you’ve never done before. You never know what God has in store for you if you just try!

I hope this week’s blessing helped you!

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