Is There Such a Thing as Gospel Music?

Hey, guys! I recently found this video on YouTube from KevOnStage discussing Gospel Music, whether or not Christians should cover secular songs and make them Gospel, or if Gospel music is even a thing. According to Pastor Rick Warren, “There’s no such thing as ‘Christian Music’ – only Christian lyrics. The words, not the tune or music style make a […]

Come and See Me at 2AM?

You all know that I’m a HUGE music fan, and I always seem to find odd similarities in songs from time to time. Well, folks….I’ve found yet another one. But this one’s pretty obvious if you ask me. PARTYNEXTDOOR came out with a song entitled, “Come Over,” a couple of months ago that I actually liked. I’m not a huge […]

Guest Post: How the Cosmetic Business & Beauty Vloggers Paved a New Way of Marketing

Even if you have absolutely no personal interest in the world of facial cleansers, hair products or makeup, if you have any interest in the world of business and marketing, then you know that the beauty industry is one of the most potentially lucrative industries on the planet. With thousands of brands competing, marketing beauty is a huge, huge business. […]

Famous People That are My Age

I recently discovered this guy on YouTube named the1janitor who talks about all kinds of random, interesting things. He has a pretty good channel – go check him out! I promise that wasn’t a random shout-out – he actually plays a big part in my post! Anyway, the1janitor made a video entitled, “Famous People That are My Age,” where he […]

What is a Real Man?

Hey guys! Happy Tuesday! I’m sure most of you have seen this video floating around Facebook, and I’m sure you had some opinions about it after watching it like I did. I’m referring to the video of Dame Dash discussing what a real man is on The Breakfast Club(Skip to around 15:00): Now, basically,(correct me if I’m wrong) Dash is […]