Don’t Sell Yourself Short!

I don’t have a long, drawn out message for you guys today, but it is something that needs to be shared.This is the last month of 2017, we want to make sure that it counts. Use this month to set yourself up for greater in 2018. Don’t worry about what you did or didn’t do. Figure out what needs to be […]

You Can’t Save Everybody

I think a lot of times we Christians believe that it is our job to save the world. But we have to accept the fact that we can’t save everybody.There will come a time in your walk with Christ when you come across someone who needs Christ and you’ll do everything in your power to show them who God is […]

Faith Features: Rhonda White

Happy Sunday! Today I’m excited to bring back “Faith Features” again with a lovely woman of God who is doing everything she can to serve God! What is “Faith Features,” you ask? “Faith Features” is a segment on The Pen & The Needle where we take the time to highlight Christians who are trying to do it big for Christ! […]

Faith Features: An Open Call!

Are you a Christian who is trying to do your part to share the Gospel in a special way with those around you? Do you have a ministry that is touching lives and doing everything you can to shine your light? Do you know someone who is on fire for God and deserves some recognition? Then Faith Features is for […]