Hey guys. Thank God the tornado passed over my town, but unfortunately it swept through Tupelo, MS and damaged numerous homes and businesses. Please keep the citizens of Tupelo lifted up in prayer during this difficult time.

Day 2 of Storms

Well today is “Round 2” of the severe weather and I’m just going to stay at home. God put it heavy on my heart to stay with my family, so I’m going to listen.  It’s crazy how tornadoes can be. They can completely demolish a house, yet not even take a shingle off the house next door. Nonetheless, you can […]

School vs. Storm

Is it sad that, even though the weather’s going to be bad here until Tuesday, I’m worried about getting to school tomorrow for my reviews for my finals? Ridiculous, I know ha. But it’s going to be a pretty crazy week. These storms are going to knock a lot of things off and cause things to be postponed or canceled. […]

Severe Weather!!!

Attention, fellow Mississippians!! Tonight through Tuesday, there will be some very serious weather sweeping across our state. Be careful!! http://www.wtva.com/content/weather/blogs/story/Severe-Weather-Sunday-Night-Tuesday/Wllo5POQ1UesbH56nZ6rzQ.cspx