SoundCloud Hauls: July 2017

Y’all…..July was a great month for music!! This month, I discovered some great music and some amazing artists! H.E.R., Guordan Banks, and Tony Tillman are some of my new favs this month that I really think you’ll enjoy as well. I also heard some cool tracks from Travis Scott, Calvin Harris, and Maroon 5. They are some of my favorite […]

SoundCloud Hauls – June 2017

 I know, I know….I missed two months. But it’s okay! I’m back and I’m better! *In my Bryson Tiller voice* But let’s get into this thang!This month’s playlist is a bit random but still a fun one to listen to! SZA released her new album CTRL this month and Caleon Fox (a regular on my SoundCloud Hauls) released some new […]

SoundCloud Hauls – March 2017

I know I’m late posting this month’s SoundCloud Haul – my bad!! But hopefully my song picks will help to make up for it! This month feels a bit more random than my other picks. A lot of these songs are mellow, but then there are some pretty hype ones that can help get you going. March’s SoundCloud Haul includes […]

SoundCloud Hauls – January 2017

Aaaand, we’re back! Happy 2017! Welcome back to SoundCloud Hauls, a monthly mix to keep your head bobbing all throughout the month! This month was all about beats for me. If it caught my attention and if it was catchy, I was hooked – some I honestly hate to admit, but whatever! This month’s list is comprised of a number […]

SoundCloud Hauls – December 2016

Happy December!! It’s time for another round of SoundCloud Hauls!! This month’s haul came from a combination of areas, as you will see when you listen to the playlist. There were multiple times last month where I was up until 2AM, just listening to music. This is was also the month that I truly gave Desiigner a chance and fully […]

SoundCloud Hauls – November 2016

What’s up, peeps?! Today is November 1st, which means that it’s time for the first month of SoundCloud Hauls!! Yay!! Remember, SoundCloud Hauls consists of me giving you a playlist of awesome music that I found throughout the previous month for you to listen all month long! This month was a bit laid back, so I decided to do a […]