Weekly Blessings: Week #5

It’s week 5,guys!! This week I learned how to simply let go and let God. I have been dealing with some major stuff all summer that, honestly, wasn’t my fault, but I was pushed into it. In the end, I wound up confused, humiliated, hurt, and unsure of the future. I allow myself to get bogged down with thoughts of […]

Weekly Blessings: Week #1

Hello friends! *DJ Lance Rock voice* Yo Gabba Gabba reference…..don’t judge me. I want to welcome you to week 1 of my “Weekly Blessings” series! Have no idea what I’m talking about? Click here to get up to speed on what this thing is all about. Now, let’s get started! When I first started this week, I had it in […]

Revenge vs. Forgiveness

Hey again,I just wanted to share my devotional with you guys this morning.  Today’s topic was on revenge and forgiveness.People annoy us daily. Whether it be by something they said, something they did, or even the way they looked at us. It is up to us as mature Christians to be the bigger person and keep it moving. I’m not […]