Weekly Blessings: Week 75: It’s Not Over

Friday ruined my entire weekend……. But I did get this post out of it! Friday I had a meeting with one of my clients that didn’t go as planned,due to miscommunication.I felt so bad about what happened that I basically reevaluated my entire life LOL!So many thoughts entered my mind:  “Was I reaching too high?” “Will they fire me?” “Am […]

Weekly Blessings: Week 51: Silent Sundays

Hey guys, and welcome to another edition of “Weekly Blessings!” This week I wanted to take a step back and ponder on some things with you guys. That’s why I decided to bring back another round of “Silent Sundays!” If you’d like to share something (Bible verse, a song, or a message…anything!) that God has put on your heart or […]