Because of situations I and a few of my friends have gone through in the past, I have a special place in my heart for women who have been done wrong by guys. Ciara, you are now officially in my heart. I’m sure you’ve already heard about Ciara and Russell Wilson’s decision to remain celibate until marriage – kudos to […]

Weekly Blessings: Week #5

It’s week 5,guys!! This week I learned how to simply let go and let God. I have been dealing with some major stuff all summer that, honestly, wasn’t my fault, but I was pushed into it. In the end, I wound up confused, humiliated, hurt, and unsure of the future. I allow myself to get bogged down with thoughts of […]

Weekly Blessings: Week #3

Good morning, and welcome to another week of Weekly Blessings! This week was an interesting one for me, to say the least. I had started off earlier this week, thinking I knew exactly what I was going to talk to you guys about; however, God had other plans for me. This week was the first week for the Bible study […]