Weekly Blessings:Week 63:Divorce (Part 1)

Good morning! Hope all is well! https://expertbeacon.com/how-make-trial-separation-work-and-not-always-end-divorce/ Today I want to talk about adultery – such an exciting topic, am I right? I was talking to my friend one day when we got into this topic. He said that, Biblically, there are only two things that are grounds for divorce: 1. Abandonment by an unbeliever (Matthew 5:32)2. Sexual Immorality (1 […]

Married At First Sight: My Perspective

Image credit: weddingtopic.com Hey guys! If you guys are following me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other social media site, you are probably aware that I have been watching the show, Married At First Sight. The show is about six adults (3 men, 3 women) who volunteer to participate in an experiment where they meet with experts who analyze and […]