Taking the Road Less Traveled

It’s August, and as you all know school is starting back for students everywhere – except for me. If you’ve been following my posts or keeping up with me on social media, you know that I graduated this past May with an Associate’s degree. You may also be aware that I’ve been working on my freelancing career since I graduated. […]

Back to School!

Hey guys! I’ve been gone a good while, huh? Well this week was the first week of my sophomore year of college, so I’ve been busy running around campus! First day selfie 🙂 Right now I’m dealing with seventeen hours worth of classes, marching band, jazz band, The Pen & the Needle, and my two magazine gigs, so I apologize […]

Changes and Feedback

Hey guys! I know I haven’t been on in a while; band camp has been taking all of my time! I just wanted to make a quick, sweet post and get you guys up to speed on what’s happening with me and the blog nowadays. First off, if you actively follow my blog, you may have noticed that my site […]

Finals Week

Greetings, fellow college students!   All across the country, college students are preparing for the end of the year. And all college students have to go through this terrible week of finals. It’s a stressful….extremely stressful time and I feel your pain completely! If you’re a college student going through this hard time, here are a couple videos to relax your […]

School vs. Storm

Is it sad that, even though the weather’s going to be bad here until Tuesday, I’m worried about getting to school tomorrow for my reviews for my finals? Ridiculous, I know ha. But it’s going to be a pretty crazy week. These storms are going to knock a lot of things off and cause things to be postponed or canceled. […]