Weekly Blessings: Week 70: They’ll See it When They See It

https://inspirethemblog.wordpress.com/2013/08/17/let-go-and-let-god-handle-it/ Good morning, I’m just going to cut to the chase today, if you don’t mind. As Christians, when we are around people who are living a certain, doing certain things, or believing certain things, we need to remember that cannot force things on folks. God himself doesn’t force people to accept Him. We need to keep this in mind […]

Evening Dresses from Sherry London

Hey guys! I’m back again with Sherry London to get you guys up to speed on some more of their amazing dresses! If you remember, I did a post last year detailing the background of Sherry London and showcasing a few of their dresses – go check that post out now! Sherrylondon is an online dress shop based in the […]

It’s (Black) History! — Artists

Welcome back to “It’s (Black) History!” This week, we are going to learn about a few Black artists: Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988) Basquiat, a Brooklyn native, was a self-taught artist who started his career by selling postcards and sweatshirts with his work on it. He also gained attention from his graffiti, working under the name of “SAMO.” As he gained popularity, […]

2015: Getting You Up to Speed

Happy 2015, everyone! I just wanted to come to you guys today and write a short post to let you guys know about what is going on with The Pen & the Needle and some of the plans and visions I have for it in 2015. For starters, I just want to thank you guys for supporting me. Every comment, […]

Author Spotlight: Kirsten Jany

Hey guys! I’m back today with something a bit different from what I usually do: an interview! I used to write for Yahoo! Contributor Network, where I originally posted this interview, but unfortunately the network shut down this past July, taking down all of my original work (sad face). So from time to time I will re-post my old work […]

Weekly Blessings: Week 14 With Miranda Starks

Welcome to another “Weekly Blessing!” We’re going to wrap up this month’s last Sunday with another guest post! This week’s post comes from Miranda over at Abundant Heart Blog, where she covers various topics and lessons she’s learned through a Christian perspective. Not only is she an amazing woman of God, I’m also proud to say that she’s my big […]