11 Dec, 2023

Weekly Blessings: Week 56: The Push

Hey guys! Long time,no see, am I right? I’ll do better, I promise! http://www.eurweb.com/2014/03/tamar-braxton-denies-rumors-shes-not-paying-her-team/ As you all may know, Tamar Braxton was recently fired from The Real, and she was devastated. Anyone who is suddenly fired from a job would be, right? Well I watched her talk about the situation on a clip from Braxton […]

2 mins read

Leibster Award

Guess what guys! I was nominated for another award! Thanks to Madeleine from Small Town Roots & Cowboy Boots who so graciously nominated me for the Leibster Award! What is the Leibster Award, you ask?? Well, Leibster is German for “dearest,” “valued,” and “beloved,” to name a few of the words it can stand for. […]

6 mins read