Rompers for Men: My Take

Hello lovelies! There’s a new craze going around in fashion that actually isn’t for women….can you believe it?? Source: TODAY It’s called the RompHim, or the male romper.  Yeah….that was unexpected, right? Well here’s the story of how the RompHim came to be, according to Elaine Chen, one of the four cofounders behind this new innovation in men’s wear: I […]

SoundCloud Hauls – January 2017

Aaaand, we’re back! Happy 2017! Welcome back to SoundCloud Hauls, a monthly mix to keep your head bobbing all throughout the month! This month was all about beats for me. If it caught my attention and if it was catchy, I was hooked – some I honestly hate to admit, but whatever! This month’s list is comprised of a number […]

FashionMia Clothing Review

Heyyyy!!! I have something new to show you! I recently received two blouses from FashionMia and I couldn’t wait to share them with you! Now you guys know that I’m not a fashion blogger, nor am I a vlogger, so all of this is new to me! But I did create a slideshow with pictures of the clothes so you can […]

SoundCloud Hauls – December 2016

Happy December!! It’s time for another round of SoundCloud Hauls!! This month’s haul came from a combination of areas, as you will see when you listen to the playlist. There were multiple times last month where I was up until 2AM, just listening to music. This is was also the month that I truly gave Desiigner a chance and fully […]

SoundCloud Hauls – November 2016

What’s up, peeps?! Today is November 1st, which means that it’s time for the first month of SoundCloud Hauls!! Yay!! Remember, SoundCloud Hauls consists of me giving you a playlist of awesome music that I found throughout the previous month for you to listen all month long! This month was a bit laid back, so I decided to do a […]

Weekly Blessings:Week 58:Distractions

This week, not only will I be speaking to you guys, but I’ll be preaching to myself. I’m not going to sugar-coat anything, I’m just going to hit you straight-up with the truth: Whenever satan feels threatened or he knows something good is coming your way, he’s going to come at you with distractions. And let me tell you….the […]