Product Review: Felt Letter Board from Obliviscar
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Product Review: Felt Letter Board from Obliviscar

*I received this product for free/at a discount in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Today I have a neat product to share with you guys!

I’ve always loved felt letter boards, and thanks to Obliviscar, I finally have a cute little felt board of my own!

Felt letter boards are fun because:

  • They can be used for events as a fun, interactive prop for pictures and games
  • They can be used over and over again
  • They’re a great tool to use on social media
  • They’re convenient, depending on the size you have. You can easily carry them wherever you need to go and cleanup is simple.
My felt letter board from Obliviscar comes in a cute gift box that contains:
  • 10X10 Letter Board with Wall Mount
  • Pre Cut & Sorted 660 Letters(with a sorting tray and guide) +Bonus Cursive Words
  • Easel
  • Cute little thank you card!
As stated previously, there are 660 pre-cut and sorted letters for you to use on this board – that’s A LOT to keep up with! Thankfully, they have this nifty little card to help you keep your letters sorted and organized. This is a definite plus, because I know I would have these letters mixed up instantly if not for this card! This set also contains numbers, punctuation marks, and emojis!
The set also has a few cursive words for you to add to your board, which is also really neat and easy to read! Although there aren’t a ton of cursive words to choose from, it’s still a really nice touch!

Final Verdict

Overall, what were my thoughts on this felt board?
I love it! Granted, I kind of wish it was a bit bigger, but it’s a size that’s easy to carry, which is positive. I also wish there were more cursive words to pick from, but that still isn’t a huge deal.
It’s 5 stars from me!
Interested in getting your own felt letter board? Click here to place your order!

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