Product Review: Talever Back Posture Corrector
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Product Review: Talever Back Posture Corrector

I’m back with another product review!!

Today’s product is the Talever Back Posture Corrector.

This product is pretty straightforward – there aren’t really any extra bells and whistles associated with it. However, it is slightly confusing.

The hard part, for me, was actually putting it on. Unfortunately, my product didn’t come with instructions, so I had to go back and ask the company for instructions on how to put it on.

This model seems simple enough, however, my product seemed MUCH smaller, so it was hard to put on. I did try it on my niece and nephew and it worked okay, although they said it was uncomfortable, LOL. But that means it’s working, right?
In conclusion, I would give this product 3 stars.
If you’d like to try the product out for yourself, you can order here:
*I received this product for free/at a discount in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.*

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