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5 Reasons Why I Hate Shopping

Shopping – a girl’s best pastime, right?


I hate shopping. ABSOLUTELY hate it. People think I’m crazy for it, but I do.

Before you try to give me your argument as to why shopping is amazing, check out my five arguments for why it isn’t!

1. It’s Tedious

The process of shopping, especially for clothes, is a pretty boring process. You have to look through a ton of clothes to find one you like, then find your size, then try it on, then start over again. BORING!

2. It’s Hard to Find My Size

I’m plus-size, but I’m also that girl that could easily fit into an odd size, like a 21 or 23 or something strange that no one has. It’s irritating and I hate it.

3. Trying Things on SUCKS

Speaking of sizes, because I’m such an odd size and because stores size differently, I’m forced to try any pair of pants on. And I really don’t wanna do that either, lol. It was already enough for me to put the pair of pants I put on to come to the store. Don’t make me constantly have to put pants on and take them off all day!

4. Dumb Sales Associates

I don’t have anything against sales associates, I promise, but I’ve run into some stupid ones that make me want to never shop again. Either their super rude, they follow you around the store for no reason, invade your space, or just make it obvious that they don’t wanna be there. I have NO TIME to go somewhere to be irritated. Next time a sales associate starts acting crazy, I’m gonna do this:

5. I’m cheap

I hate paying for things. ‘Nuff said.

Do you hate shopping? Do you love shopping? Let’s discuss it in the comments below!

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