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Author Spotlight: Thomas McRae

It’s rare, but precious when you are able to randomly meet someone who becomes such a great friend.

I met Thomas via email when sent an email to another book blog that I manage, asking for a review of his book, Pimp in the Pulpit. I wound up taking on the review and got to know Thomas quite well through corresponding with him about his book. Who knew that we would become instant friends! Thomas is such a sweetheart and keeps me laughing, but he also means business. I truly admire his dedication to his art and how bold and brave he’s been in promoting and pushing his book out there to the masses. I do hope to have his same tenacity when I publish my book (coming soon!).

I was so honored to have gotten the chance to sit down and chat with Thomas about his books and his writing.

1. How did you get your start in the writing world? 
I originally started to write poetry for several online poetry clubs such as International Poetry Competition, Poetry Nation, Cosmofunnel Poetry website, G.S Poetry website, and several other poetry competitions that I found through the literary magazine Poets and Writers.

2. Tell us your inspiration behind Pimp in the Pulpit.

Pimp in the Pulpit was inspired and semi-based on my life with my family and some old friends. It’s a short fiction novel about a dysfunctional family that doesn’t know how to love one another and yet swears up and down that blood is thicker than water. Some of these stories in the book are very humorous especially now that I’m older but when some people read it they may consider it sad. But in my honest opinion, every dark cloud has a silver lining; no matter the outcome of life you should always find humor in anything and everything because, without humor, you are more than likely to shrivel up and die.

3. Who are some of your favorite authors? 
That is quite an interesting question because I have several favorite authors that I’m quite fond of. For starters W E B Dubois, Nikki Giovanni,  Alex Haley, Langston Hughes and of course you, my dear sweet beautiful friend Jessica Starks AKA “The Mississippi Angel.”

4. When did you know that you wanted to become a writer?  
I always knew I had a real gift when it came to storytelling and poetry. But it wasn’t until I got older I wanted to be a writer, but it took me a while to build my confidence and really try pursuing my path as an author. Despite some of my failures, I have achieved a great deal of success, but in the end whether or not I sell a hundred copies or a hundred thousand I just want my work to be remembered and touch as many lives as possible here in the United States and across the world.

5. What gets you in the mood to write? What inspires you? 

These are two relatively easy questions because what inspires me to write is what I see and what I have experienced over the years. Also, the people I know and the lives they have lived has some influence in my writing, especially in the short fiction novels. Now when it comes to my poetry I must say it depends on what music I hear, or what kind of emotional state I am in at that moment. But sometimes I just write things down that first pop into my head and if it doesn’t sound right or semi-catchy I’ll continue to work on it until I like the flow.

6. Do you have any regrets about your book? 

To be perfectly honest no and not just about the book, but about my life in general. Now sometimes I’ll admit I wish I did things differently or handle them in a different manner. But I don’t regret anything because I spent a good portion of my life trying to make others happy at my expense and now I’m just doing what makes me happy, striving for success, and looking forward to each and every one of my blessings.

7. How often do you write? 
I write as often as I can because writing to me is therapeutic in the purest sense of the word. I do a lot of writing on my job when it’s slow or no work at all. But even when I’m home I’m writing something down as a reminder or potential idea. I mean, what can I say? It’s the author in me.

8. What advice do you have for other writers? 
Well first off I would say be optimistic but at the same time be truly passionate and committed. Being a writer is a difficult task but very well worth the effort. Stay focused and determined to achieve what you want and do your research whether you’re trying to be a self-publishing author or traditional. Make sure you reach out two any and every local business store you have done business with in the past for support and even reach out to friends plus family you know will support you. But most importantly make sure you stay humble and grateful for any and every blessing you receive.

9. What can we expect from you next? 
Well, let’s see I’m currently working on publishing my next book, Fatal Impact and I plan to re-release my book, Street Trash.  I also have several other short fiction novels that will soon be released and their titles are The Funeral, Ghetto Superstar, 6 Winters and 7  Summers and Whores Two Men. Plus several other poetry books and my political memoir.

10. Where can we find your books? 
Pimp in the pulpit 1 & 2 You can find both books at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, fishpond.com and Google Books, to name a few. You can also reach out to me personally on my email address which is mcraethomas135@gmail.com.

Now on a more personal note I want to take the time to thank Jessica Starks for finally giving me the interview that I so desperately wanted with her. You  ar,e an angel and an inspiration to so many myself included. I would also like to acknowledge and thank our Lord and Saviour for blessing me with such a beautiful talent and gift. I also want to take the time to acknowledge my mother Mrs. Sylvia A McRae for being so supportive and loving all through my life. Last but not least I want to thank everyone and anyone from bloggers, to coworkers and to all my true friends who have  supported me during this very long and gruesome process. I want to send a special shout-out to my dear friend Mrs Virginia Bell who I lost some time ago. She was an angel and a loving kind soul who will never be forgotten. I miss you always and pray you’re in heaven resting peacefully and free at last.

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