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5 Shows That I Wish Were Still On the Air

Television is one of my favorite pastimes. It helps me relax from work and just ease my mind in general, unless it’s a show like This Is Us, which jacks me up emotionally each time I watch, or The Haves and the Have Nots, which just keeps me begging for more drama and craziness.

But, despite all of the amazing shows out there to watch, there are still a few that ended years ago that still have a special spot in my heart. Here are 5 shows that I still will sit and binge-watch to this day, in hopes that they will come back.

1. The Real Husbands of Hollywood

This show is number 1 on the list for multiple reasons. For one, it’s my most recent binge-watch. Second, it entertained me more than any of the “Real Housewives” reality shows. And three, it was SO funny! All the random antics and adventures the guys went on, the satires, and roasting…..what’s better than that? I really wish this series was still going, because it had so much potential to keep going and the people on the show were amazing.

2. The Neighbors

The Neighbors ended in 2014, but I finished binge-watching this series on Hulu right before I started Real Husbands of Hollywood. I’m a sucker for a good, family-friendly sitcom and I love to laugh. The plot seemed far-fetched, but it was funny and relatable and I just loved it so mcuh! I wanted to see what was going to happen with Larry Byrd having the baby!

3. All That

Now All That came out in the 90’s so I didn’t get to appreciate the series like most others, but the reruns are great! It was like a pre-teen SNL! And with all the other mess on TV, kids need that nowadays!

4. Psych

Psych was a great show! I know they just came out with Psych: The Movie, but that’s not enough for me – I need a full reboot! Two lifelong friends come together with their silly antics to help the police department. I love it!

6. Reunion

Reunion was one of those shows that ran in between the regular seasons of popular shows on FOX, but for whatever reason, watchers never got to see the last episode. Who killed the girl? That’s all I wanna know! That’s all!

What are some shows you really loved that aren’t air anymore? Were you a fan of these shows too? Let’s talk in the comments below!

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