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Warnings and Advice for the Church (Colossians Bible Study – Chapter 2)

Hello, friends! We’re back again with some more of the book of Colossians! If you missed my commentary on Chapter 1, be sure to check that out first so you can keep up!

Colossians – Chapter 1

Now, let’s get into chapter 2!
 Chapter 2 seems to be all about Paul’s advice to the church and how they should navigate in their walk with Christ.
In the first two chapters, Paul explains that, although he’s never met these people or been to Colossae, he’s rooting for them and in hard prayer for them. To me, that says a lot. Christians today should be like this also.
After that he says that he hopes their “hearts be encouraged, they be united in love, and that they grow together in truth. 
Once we get to verse 4, Paul has some warnings for the people:
  • Don’t let anyone trick them with “enticing words.”
  • Don’t be deceived and wrapped up in the philosophies and traditions of man.
  • Don’t continue to be bound under Mosaic Law – the New Covenant has been made.
  • Don’t get caught up in false humility and the worship of angels.
 Paul also encourages the Christians of Colossae that they have been spiritually circumcised, that that, combined with their faith in God and the rejection of their old selves, leads their salvation.
That’s really the gist of chapter 2!! To dig more into the chapter, I would suggest that you check out the study guide of this chapter that was created by Blue Letter Bible – really helpful!

Check that out here

Be sure to join me back here next Sunday as we study chapter 3!

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