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Review: ‘Seven Days’ by PARTYNEXTDOOR

Artist PARTYNEXTDOOR released his EP ‘Seven Days’ on September 29th. I’m a big fan of his, so I was really excited about it. That’s why it’s unfortunate that I’m just now listening to it….but that’s not the point.

PARTYNEXTDOOR, to me, is an artist that likes to experiment with different genres and sounds, but never loses his street ‘cred. So I was excited to see what new things he did with this EP.

Sounds pretty interesting, huh?

I thought so too until I listened all the way through…

I have to be honest, I’m a tad bit disappointed. First off, I feel like he sounds a bit like Future in each song, which turns me off because I’m not a big fan of his. Secondly, I caught myself skipping through most of the songs. I’m not sure I listened to many of them all the way through, which stinks.

I didn’t think the entire EP was terrible. I did enjoy at least 3 songs out of the 7. “Damage” featuring Halsey was a fun, pop-ish kind of tune that’s upbeat, with lyrics describing an interesting type of relationship. I’m still trying to decide if they’re kind of describing a relationship where they feel addicted to each other or if it’s just a “Friends with Benefits” thing….not sure. You can never really tell these days.

I also enjoyed “Better Man” featuring Rick Ross. I’m honestly shocked I liked the song because I typically shy away from anything with Rick Ross in it, but I liked this. It gave me a 90’s R&B Male Artist kind of vibe. And when I read the lyrics, I realize that it kind of has a 90’s R&B tone – the man realizes that he did his woman wrong and wants to do better. Classic, but with a modern feel with the addition of Rick Ross. I like!

And lastly, I did like “Love Me Again,” which kind of did the same thing “Better Man” did with the 90’s vibe, but this one was more unique to me and more PND’s style. I liked the futuristic beat because it makes you feel like he’s singing and running after the girl to win her back. He still slightly sounds like Future to me in this song, but I can take it.

I give an honorable mention to “Never Played Me” and “The Right Way.” These two seem like good songs, but I need to let them grow on me. I’m just not a slow song person, so I’m going to need some time for “The Right Way,” but we’re getting there. And “Never Played Me” is good, but I just am not really feeling the production on it. It doesn’t feel as clean to me as the others, but that’s just my opinion. I’m not a pro, so don’t hate on me for that comment. Lol.

But there you have it – my review of PND’s ‘Seven Days’ EP! Have you listened to it? What were your thoughts? Share in the comments below! And if you have an album, song, video, or EP you’d like for me to review, just let me know!

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