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You Can’t Save Everybody

I think a lot of times we Christians believe that it is our job to save the world. But we have to accept the fact that we can’t save everybody.

There will come a time in your walk with Christ when you come across someone who needs Christ and you’ll do everything in your power to show them who God is and why life in alignment with Him is so much better. However, not everyone is going to be able to be won over.

Not everyone is going to want to be won over.

It’s easy to have a hard time understanding why other people around you aren’t or can’t be as on fire for God or as determined to build a relationship with Him as you are, but it’s the truth. Even Jesus was rejected by people, and He was the son of God:

But despite all the miraculous signs Jesus had done, most of the people still did not believe in him. – John 12.37

Some people just aren’t going to get it. Some people just are going to have hardened hearts against our Lord and Savior. The Bible also speaks of that:

But the people replied, “Don’t waste your breath. We will continue to live as we want to, stubbornly following our own evil desires.” – Jeremiah 18:12

But don’t get discouraged, it’s not your fault. God knows and saw every action you took to try and plant a seed. Don’t think that you did anything wrong or that you didn’t do enough because you did. Some people just will refuse to accept Him. He knows that and so do we.

So where do you go from here? Well, you keep pushing. You continue to pray for that person and hope that God takes a hold of their heart. You don’t bombard them with scriptures and try to force them to go to church. You don’t try to be “Holier than Thou” and try to make them feel bad for their decision. 

You continue to love and care for them just as you have and hope that your light shines in their life. Perhaps one day they will change their mind. Until them, let them be. Let go and let God.

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