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Faith Features: Rhonda White

Happy Sunday!

Today I’m excited to bring back “Faith Features” again with a lovely woman of God who is doing everything she can to serve God!

What is “Faith Features,” you ask? “Faith Features” is a segment on The Pen & The Needle where we take the time to highlight Christians who are trying to do it big for Christ! Whether it be a person who creates Christian music, someone who is giving back to the community in the name of the Lord, or just an individual who has inspired others to pursue a walk with Jesus, we give them a virtual pat on the back and a platform to show how they are shining their light!

Today’s special guest is Rhonda White, a wife, and mother from Kansas who actively spreads the love of Jesus with others through volunteering. Rhonda is so sweet and humble but is completely unashamed and on fire for God. “Honestly, I don’t hold any special talents (I can’t even play the piano without fumbling through. lol). I’m not anything spectacular at all.  I can only say that God wants us to be willing to be used.  It’s not our talents that He wants… it’s our willingness to serve and be used by Him for His glory.”

1. What do you do in your work with your church’s ministry and in the nursing home?

In the children’s ministry, I assist my husband in our 5th & 6th grade Sunday school class. I also have the opportunity to teach and train the young people about the Bible and how to apply those biblical principles to their daily lives. During outreach events, such as youth conferences and vacation Bible school, I try to avail myself by helping in areas that need assistance. I usually feel quite at home helping in the kitchen and serving meals, but during our recent Vacation Bible School, I assisted my husband with “game time” for the children.

(Here’s a photo of Rhonda celebrating “National Clown Day” with a resident who spent most of his life serving as a clown in the circus.  He has many fond memories to share…and lots of circus paraphernalia in his room.) 

My husband holds church services and preaches in our local nursing home; I play the piano and my youngest son leads the songs.  We visit weekly on Saturdays to try to be an encouragement and pray for their needs. Our nursing home ministry has had its ups and downs. Our past year has been the most difficult as we’ve said NUMEROUS “goodbyes” here on earth, but also tried to rejoice in the fact that they were no longer suffering here on earth and are now getting to spend eternity in Heaven. It was indeed a heartbreaking year, but God’s timing is always perfect and He makes no mistakes.

2. What was that defining moment in your life when you knew you needed God?

When I became extremely ill, it was the very darkest hours of my life. It was a huge test of my faith and the scariest time of my life.  I obtained a severe fungal infection in my whole body, from head to my toes. It was truly like living a nightmare, but it was during those dark hours that I learned to sing praises to God and keep putting one foot in front of the other and trusting Him.  He was the Mighty Healer, who lead me to the right resources to get well.

3. What’s your favorite Bible verse and why?

Proverbs 3:5-7 has been my favorite since I was a teenager. I love this verse and learned to lean on its wisdom. Sometimes we don’t understand why things are happening in our lives. We just have to keep trusting Him. This verse has been a stronghold in my life. God’s Word gives me peace and assurance in unpredictable times.

3. What advice would you give to Christian parents in how to raise their children?

As far as parenting goes, I’ve tried to be honest with my three sons and let them know I make mistakes. I hardly feel qualified as a parent sometimes (lol), but God’s Word has been my number one source to pointing them to THE BEST advice, wisdom and godly direction. It’s our solid foundation. There is no other greater source of authority for us to follow. 

Two of my boys are now grown and have left home (one is in his fourth year in Bible college). I rarely offer parenting advice, but five years ago I did write a blog post titled, “Raising Christian Boys — The Good, the Bad, the Ugly”

4. What advice do you have for young Christians who may just be getting saved or who are really trying to live for God?

Make a HUGE commitment to read God’s Word daily. Our faith grows and is built upon reading and hearing God’s Word. (Romans 10:17) Our battles of Satan are won through the power of God’s Word. It’s our weapon and defense. Jesus quoted God’s Word during the times of Satan’s temptations. Our greatest error in life is not knowing the Scriptures. (Matthew 22:29)

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Special thanks to Rhonda for taking time to share her story!
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