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What to do When You Fail a Test

Christianity is not a one-time event – it’s a complete lifestyle change. And, most importantly, it’s not a cakewalk, by any means. One thing that people tend to look over in the walk with Christ is the concept of tests.

Tests administered by God.

We all have certain trials and struggles that we have to deal with, and God is always there and willing to help us overcome. However, God cannot sit and hold our hand – that’s just not how he operates. In order for us to learn, we have to go through certain things and have certain experiences.

God is our teacher, and just like any good teacher, He gives us tests to see where we are in our walk. These tests aren’t necessarily for Him, but they’re for us so we can see where we need to improve.

But what if we fail a test?

Unlike a teacher, God will allow us to re-take the test. However, we can’t get to the next stage in our destiny if we keep failing.

So what do we do if we fail a test?


I mean, yeah…pretty much! God is a God of second chances, so why wouldn’t He give us another shot?

It’s a 3-step formula:

1. Repent – Can’t be forgiven if you haven’t asked for forgiveness
2. Don’t Beat Yourself Up – Remember, we’re only human – we’re all going to make mistakes!
3. Pursue Christ Even Harder –  Now that you know what you need to work on, work on it! Learn from your mistakes so you’ll know what to look for the next time!

And it’s as simple as that! Don’t wallow in self-pity and don’t keep doing crazy stuff, expecting grace to follow you every time. Christianity is a constant learning process – embrace it and move forward!

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