Faith Features: An Open Call!

Are you a Christian who is trying to do your part to share the Gospel in a special way with those around you? Do you have a ministry that is touching lives and doing everything you can to shine your light? Do you know someone who is on fire for God and deserves some recognition?

Then Faith Features is for you!

“Faith Features” is a segment on The Pen & The Needle where we take the time to highlight Christians who are trying to do it big for Christ! Whether it be a person who creates Christian music, someone who is giving back to the community in the name of the Lord, or just an individual who has inspired others to pursue a walk with Jesus, we want to hear from you!

Fill out the form below to get or give someone some shine!

If you’re interested in writing a post for “Weekly Blessings,” offering up a topic suggestion, get in touch with me via FacebookTwitter, or Email; you can also simply comment below and I’ll make sure to get back with you!

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