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Is There Such a Thing as Gospel Music?

Hey, guys!

I recently found this video on YouTube from KevOnStage discussing Gospel Music, whether or not Christians should cover secular songs and make them Gospel, or if Gospel music is even a thing.

According to Pastor Rick Warren, “There’s no such thing as ‘Christian Music’ – only Christian lyrics. The words, not the tune or music style make a song sacred.”

Interesting thought, eh?

Kevin even mentioned that the “Father of Gospel Music,” Thomas Dorsey, who also wrote, “Precious Lord Take My Hand,” was actually a Blues artist and wrote the popular song after his wife passed away. It’s also known that Ray Charles used the basic structure of Gospel Music in some of his most popular music.

KevOnStage’s video was created in 2014, but it is so relevant even now and seems like a debate that will never go away. So what are your thoughts?

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