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Rompers for Men: My Take

Hello lovelies!

There’s a new craze going around in fashion that actually isn’t for women….can you believe it??

Source: TODAY

It’s called the RompHim, or the male romper. 

Yeah….that was unexpected, right?

Well here’s the story of how the RompHim came to be, according to Elaine Chen, one of the four cofounders behind this new innovation in men’s wear:

I personally love a romper for women, and we were looking for something different that didn’t already exist for guys. Daniel [another one of the cofounders] here was a little tired of wearing the same button down and pants so we got to talking about why we couldn’t build a better product and make a romper available for men that’s cool and fun and different and is a conversation starter at the end of the day….You don’t necessarily know what the conversation will be but it will be a new conversation and may end up being a brand-new experience or a brand-new friend for you. And that’s the fun of it. We think this is a way for guys to have a new option in their wardrobe, to have fun, to feel unique, and take it wherever it goes. If they’re comfortable with themselves in it then we think that’s great.

Interesting story, am I right?

Another interesting thing about the male romper is the fact that there is a zipper fly to make it easier for guys to use the bathroom! Amazing!

Now that we have a little info on the male rompo’, let’s discuss this…

I’m slightly torn about this at the moment, if I’m being perfectly honest. When I first saw the picture and didn’t know what it was, I honestly thought it was either a picture of guys in pajamas or a joke about rompers, I wasn’t sure. But whatevs..

I’ll admit, if a guy came up to me in this and tried to get my number, I just might walk away laughing, but after reading the logic behind it and looking at more pictures of guys in these rompers, I give them their props. You have to be bold to wear something that is typically intended for women and for the first time EVER. 

Maybe it just needs to catch on….maybe it’s just an acquired taste….I don’t know anymore. We’ll see! Lol.

What do you think about the male romper? Are you for or against it? Would you let the guys you know wear it? Tell me in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Rompers for Men: My Take

  1. I feel the same way about the RompHim! Honestly, it depends on the guy. If he has the confidence to rock it I'm here for it, I'm sure I'll see plenty of them in DC this summer lol.

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