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God’s Rules for Everyone vs God’s Rules for You (Part 1)

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Today let’s talk about rules. What are rules, exactly?

“A prescribed guide for conduct or action,” according to Merriam-Webster.

Whether it be rules made by the government, in a store, or at school, rules are meant to keep the flow of things and to keep up a certain standard. So we can all agree that the Christian’s rulebook is the Bible, correct? It is a book of rules that is our guide for how we are supposed to act and represent Christ.
However, there come times when specific scenarios come along that challenge whether or not these things are breaking a rule, or even if it is a rule at all. 
In the world, examples of rules that were taken into questions would be:
– Interracial Marriage
– Abortion
– Slavery
There are rules that God makes plain and bold in the Bible, but there are others that sometimes require a bit more digging to figure out.
In Christianity, examples would be:
– Suicide
– Church denominations
– Women wearing dresses/skirts or pants
So what do you do if find yourself in a situation where you aren’t quite sure what God says about something?
Pray. The easiest way to figure out what God means about something is to ask God Himself! He will help you come to a conclusion. 
Sometimes you will find that the conclusion you come to won’t be the same as what God told someone else – that’s okay! 
– Maybe God told you that you can’t handle secular music – that doesn’t mean that your friend can’t!
– You may shout every Sunday in church but a fellow member does not – you two just have two different styles of worship.
God made everyone different for a reason! Don’t down someone else because they are walking with Christ differently!
At the end of the day, there is one rule we can all agree to: In order to become Christians, we HAVE to accept Christ. We have to confess with our mouths and believe in our hearts that Christ is Lord. And when we get to Judgement, I’m pretty sure God won’t ask if we wore a skirt or if we shout in church. Just saying.
Have a good week!
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