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Just Because He Can

Hey guys!

Today, let’s be happy! Let’s talk about God!

I was laying in bed one night when God dropped something into my spirit:

“Sometimes I do things for you just because.”

What does this mean? Let me explain:

God is generous (2 Corinthians 9:10), we all know that. But I think that a lot of Christians feel like God is the type that only does stuff when we do for Him.

Not true!

Let’s put it like this: If you’re in a relationship with someone that you REALLY like and care about, you’re bound to do some pretty awesome things for them just to show your appreciation, right? You might wash their car, bring them lunch, cook dinner, or whatever. Why? Just because you like/love them.

I believe that God is the same exact way!

Say you’re being faithful to God – you’re going to church, reading your Bible, fighting temptation. God could go to your landlord and say, “Give her a break on her rent this month.” You’ll be surprised to find out that your typically mean landlord is being nice, but God did that for you, just because!

Say you’ve been stressing like crazy over a class. You’ve studied, did extra credit, went to tutoring sessions – everything! But for some reason, you realize that no matter what you do now, you won’t pass. So, you go in and try to push as many points out as you can during the final. You go to check your grade and see that you passed the class! God did it just because!

It’s the simple things that we don’t think about!

Sometimes we aren’t even that faithful! God may have told you not to spend all your gas money to go see that boy/girl that wasn’t any good for you, but you did it anyway! But somehow you managed to get home and get to work and home the next day without filling up again, even though your gas light was on the entire time! God did it, just because He loves you! But don’t be stupid again….

I kid, but I’m serious! God will do those kinds of things for us! We just have to pay attention and be sure to express our appreciation.

God really loves us, we just need to show Him some love back!

This week’s message is pretty short and sweet, but I hope that you will take my points in mind and keep them in your heart as the week goes on.

Have a good week!
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