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Boost Your Productivity with These Sleep Tips & Tricks!

Good morning! How’d you sleep last night?

A healthier lifestyle is one of the big goals for 2017. but what most people tend to forget is that a healthy lifestyle does not just mean eating better and working out. Your health can also be impacted by your sleep patterns!

Nowadays, people are always so busy and preoccupied with so many things that it can be hard to slow down and actually have a good night’s sleep. A lack of good sleep can raise your blood pressure, lower your immune system, and ruin your focus! Getting a good night’s sleep is a HUGE deal, so we can’t take this part of everyone’s daily routine for granted. So today I decided to team up with Leesa to help bring you a few tips to help you sleep better!

What do I do to fall asleep? I have three main options in my nightly routine:

1. Tune Out Technology

As you all know, I work in online media, so I’m constantly on my phone or in front of a computer. One thing I’ve had to learn is that putting down the phone and turning off the computer helps me to relax and fall asleep easier. If my mind is still stuck in work mode, I’ll never get the rest I need!

2. Read a Book

For me, reading does the trick each and every time! There’s nothing like a good book to calm you down and help you relax at night!
3. Prayer & Meditation

Another way I unwind before bed is by praying and reading my Bible. Nighttime is the time I spend my intimate moments with God. So right when I get into bed, I lay there and just talk to God about anything and everything. After that, I read my Bible and just meditate on what His word says.
Lessa also has some advice to help you get the best night’s sleep!
Awesome tips, right?
I can personally say that all of these tips are perfect ways to help get a great rest at night! The key is to unwind and relax, and you’ll be out like a light!

Do you have a specific nightly routine? Think you want to try some of my or Lessa’s tips for better sleep? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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