Weekly Blessings: Week 77: Be Thankful

Morning, WB Family!

Today is the first Sunday of December, which means that it’s almost time for Christmas, and 2017 is right around the corner.

As I write this post, all I can think about is Mary, the mother of Jesus. Mary would have been pregnant – extremely pregnant – with Jesus at this time.

Think about how Mary was probably feeling. Nervous, anxious, scared. Too many emotions to name in one post. But yet and still, she continued on with her pregnancy. Why? Because she was carrying the Savior of the world.

Mary probably constantly had to tell herself, “I don’t know what I will endure during this pregnancy, during the delivery, or as a mother. But I thank God anyway.

Think about it: Mary didn’t know what it was like to create a child in the natural (she was a virgin, remember) or what it was like to even be a wife and mother. I can only imagine how scary this whole ordeal was for her. But she carried on and gave birth to the most precious child the world has ever seen.

Have you ever wondered if Mary knew what Jesus would grow up to do? That’s a HUGE responsibility to take on.

But she still carried on.

My point is that, no matter what you may currently be going through right at this very moment, try to think about Mary. Yes, things may be hard of uncomfortable right now, but soon this will all be over and you will be rewarded for your discomfort.

And just like Mary, you will give birth to something precious that God has been waiting to give you all this time.

Take these last few weeks we have in the year to appreciate where God has brought you and where God is taking you (even if you aren’t sure yet). Be thankful for the things He has given you and the things He has taken away. Be thankful for the journey and the experience.

Just be thankful. Because I have a feeling 2017 is going to be pretty interesting and something serious for a lot of us!

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