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SoundCloud Hauls – December 2016

Happy December!!

It’s time for another round of SoundCloud Hauls!!

This month’s haul came from a combination of areas, as you will see when you listen to the playlist. There were multiple times last month where I was up until 2AM, just listening to music. This is was also the month that I truly gave Desiigner a chance and fully discovered D.R.A.M. and how much I love him! His music dominated this month’s haul.

As you will also see, I don’t discriminate against genre or decade, because I have some pop mixed in, a comedy tune, as well as a little 90’s vibe going. I just love music, so if I find it and like it, I’m going to share it!

Anyway, here is my December playlist – no, I don’t have any Christmas music. Good music is good anytime of the year!

So what did you think of this month’s SoundCloud Haul? Do you like D.R.A.M.? Did you discover any cool music this past month? Tell me about it in the comments! Also, don’t forget to follow me on SoundCloud to keep up with my music favs!

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