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Weekly Blessings: Week 75: It’s Not Over

Friday ruined my entire weekend…….

But I did get this post out of it!
Friday I had a meeting with one of my clients that didn’t go as planned,due to miscommunication.I felt so bad about what happened that I basically reevaluated my entire life LOL!So many thoughts entered my mind: 
“Was I reaching too high?”
“Will they fire me?”
“Am I cut out for this?”
“Should I do something else?”
So many negative thoughts!!
But thank God for my mom and sister! They reassured me that everything is okay – this was a lesson learned,and my clients still love me. 
What I’m trying to say is…Satan is going to try to use even the simplest mistakes to shake you up and throw you off course. He will try to make things that really don’t matter so relevant that they will have you making life-changing decisions that you didn’t even have to make. 
Satan took this less-than-graceful meeting to make me consider shutting down my whole business! He used something that God wanted me to take as a learning experience and as a lesson in trusting Him and used it to keep me from operating in my purpose.
Can you believe that?! 
Have you been having the same trouble? Well I want to encourage you today to tell satan,
Devil, it’s not over!
Don’t allow him to steal your joy, confidence, or peace of mind. Don’t let him distract you so much that you fall out of God’s will. Don’t give him and any room in your mind.
Take a deep breath, have a nice chat with God  and pick yourself back up! The battle isn’t over!!
Hope you have a great week!

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