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Small Business Saturday 2016

We’ve managed to get through Thanksgiving, which means that Christmas shopping is in full swing!

Finding the perfect gift can sometimes be hard, especially when you are shopping at a big department store or popular shop. You want to find things that are special, unique, and possibly even homegrown. But how do you find something like that? Shop small!

Small businesses can’t really be that big of a deal, can they? Well, statistically speaking, they kind of are:

Small businesses make up:
  • 99.7% of U.S. employer firms
  • 98% of all firms exporting goods
  • 55% of all jobs and 66% of all new jobs since the 1970s
  • 54% of all sales in the U.S.
  • 30-50% of all commercial space
  • 43% of all high-tech employment
  • 33% of the U.S.’s exports value

This is why American Express started Small Business Saturday – to recognize small businesses across the country and show support! During this time, people take a break from Black Friday shopping to check out the businesses in their town that have some great products and services to offer.

In my town, there are a ton of awesome local businesses! I don’t live in a huge town, so it’s easy to make local businesses a part of your daily life. Below are some of my favorite local businesses to shop with:

  • Photography by Larissa – Photography by Larissa is perfect for capturing those special moments in your life. I’m also biased because she’s my sister 😉 
  • Bell & Associates Consulting Firm – These guys are an independent agency that helps with anything from budget counseling, Medicare, and health care, to retirement planning and credit counseling. They’re awesome! 
  • Golden Triangle Massage Therapy – Who doesn’t love a good massage. GTMT is the perfect place to get one of the best massages in Starkville, MS! 
  • BeYOUtiful Salon by P. Johns – I don’t know about you, but healthy hair is SUPER important to me, and the only person I trust with my hair is Priscilla Johnson at Be YOUtiful Salon. She focuses on making sure that your hair is it’s healthiest! Love her! 
  • J.D. Scribes – Last but not least, I guess I’ll shout myself out! LOL. I own a social media & content strategy company that specializes in helping local businesses succeed online! 
And if you’re a small business that is looking for ways to fuel your business during the busy holiday season, look no further than Fundera! Fundera is an organization whose sole purpose is to help small businesses succeed by giving them the resources and capital necessary for them to grow. They also have an awesome blog where they keep you updated and informed on vital information that impacts small businesses. Be sure to go check them out – you won’t regret it!

These are just a few local businesses that are near and dear to my heart. What are some of your favorite local businesses in your town? Shout them out and show your support!

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