Weekly Blessings: Week 73: What’s Your Relationship Status?

Good morning, friends! 

Today’s post isn’t as negative as last week’s post – don’t worry. Today I just want to make you think a little bit.

In the time we live in, it’s so important that we stay connected to Christ and understand where we stand with Him – don’t wait until it’s too late to find out!

So let’s tackle this using Facebook terms:

In a Relationship – This status obviously means that we are truly rooted in Christ and have a true and genuine relationship with Him. There are people out here who are truly shining the light of Christ every single day in their lives, and it’s undeniable. They aren’t flashy or all in people’s faces about it – their faith speaks for itself.

In an Open Relationship – If you’re in an open relationship with Christ, that means that you are still struggling with your faith. You’re one of those people who claims to love God, yet you are out here still playing with the devil. In other words, you want your sin and your blessings at the same time. Not fair, but that’s where a lot of Christians are at right now.

It’s Complicated – Let’s be real – you don’t know what the heck you want to do! These folks think about following Christ, but when they are faced with a choice, they are wholeheartedly against Christ. These are the ones who are easily swayed by the world and what other people have to say. These are also the people who tend to fall victim to false prophets.

In a Domestic Partnership – These are the “Church Folks,” no doubt about it. These folks are the ones in church every Sunday, yet are full of all kinds of mess Monday-Saturday! They like to play church and tell others what they need to do, but can’t even let God work on them! These are the people that run Christians away.

Single – I think this status is pretty self-explanatory. These are the people who have no relationship with Christ, whatsoever. They may have grown up in church and have fallen away, had some really bad experiences with Christians and rejected the faith, or simply don’t know or understand God and who He truly is. These are the people that God called us to help. But we also have to understand that some of these people simply aren’t looking for anything serious and we have to accept that.

This week’s post was pretty short, but I hope it helped you figure out where you are with Christ and what you can do to improve or help others move up!

Have a blessed week, in Jesus’ name!
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