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Weekly Blessings: Week 70: They’ll See it When They See It

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Good morning,

I’m just going to cut to the chase today, if you don’t mind.

As Christians, when we are around people who are living a certain, doing certain things, or believing certain things, we need to remember that cannot force things on folks. God himself doesn’t force people to accept Him.

We need to keep this in mind in everything, from everyday life to eternal life. You can talk to someone until they are blue in the face,but they still won’t see it until they see it. And we have to accept that.

I’m not saying you can’t talk to them or lead by example, but we can’t be all over them about it – that will push them away even more. And we’d rather them accept God willingly than them to feel like they had no other choice.

I hate to say it, but some folks will have to hit rock bottom to see that they need God and a!! You want is the best for them. You’ll just have to let them get hurt, get into trouble, be embarrassed, or be heartbroken.

And sometimes, you’ll just have to let go completely. Because some will never see it.

So if you find yourself in this position today, here’s some advice:

Let go and let God.

He’s the only one who can get to them at this point. Don’t sacrifice your sanity and salvation for someone who doesn’t want to get with the program.

Have a blessed week, in Jesus’ name!
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