Derma E: New & Improved for Sensitive Skin!

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If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I have highly sensitive skin. Because of this, it is always hard for me to find products that I can trust to be natural and not break me out the next day.

But guess what? I think I have discovered a new product that my skin LOVES – Derma E!

Derma E is a company that specializes in creating the best eco-ethical skin care products for consumers. Their products do not contain parabens, GMOs, mineral oil, or any of the typical disgusting things that are put into the typical skin care products. Derma E’s primary goal is to give consumers great products without hurting the environment. How much better can it get?!

I received the Hydrating Day Creme and Hydrating Night Cream for review.

I am normally not a day and night crème kind of gal, but I’m always up for something new, so I was excited to see how this stuff worked!

Both creams are really smooth, don’t have a terrible smell, and leave my skin feeling refreshed! The creams also aren’t too thick for discomfort, or too thin and watery. Just the perfect combination!

Both creams left my skin feel smooth, soft, and brighter – major improvements, especially as I prep my skin for the winter!

I give these products 5 stars and would recommend them to any sensitive-skinned person!

Derma E has been around since 1984, so I’m pretty sure they know what they’re doing! However, just like with anything, times and style changes, and it is up to companies to change with them in order to remain successful. Derma E understands and decided to upgrade their packaging! Check it out below!

                  Old Packaging                                                                        New Packaging
I love how how sleek and modern it looks! From my experience from buying products for sensitive skin, the packaging always looks as if I’m buying a prescription-based product, which can sometimes be embarrassing. However, the new look of the box makes it look like I just happen to be buying a high-end product that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to walk around the store with if I so happen to bump into someone I know!

The packaging isn’t bulky, busy, or unappealing – it draws the eye in with a light design that tells you everything you need to know – I love it!

Have you ever tried any Derma E products before? What was your experience? Tell me about it in the comments below!
*This post was sponsored by Derma E

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