Weekly Blessings: Week 70: They’ll See it When They See It

https://inspirethemblog.wordpress.com/2013/08/17/let-go-and-let-god-handle-it/ Good morning, I’m just going to cut to the chase today, if you don’t mind. As Christians, when we are around people who are living a certain, doing certain things, or believing certain things, we need to remember that cannot force things on folks. God himself doesn’t force people to accept Him. We need to keep this in mind […]

Weekly Blessings: Week 69: Lot’s Wife (WBQs)

Good morning! https://tylerhuckabee.com/2015/06/02/the-life-and-death-of-lots-wife/ Lately, I’ve been studying the women of the Bible – specifically, the Old Testament. One of the women I’ve been studying is Lot’s wife. Everyone pretty much knows the story of Lot’s wife – she turned into a pillar of salt when she turned back to look at her home, the original Sin City, being destroyed by […]