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The Nate Parker Marriage Debate: My Take

Hey guys!

This past week, Nate Parker has been a trending topic on Facebook and Twitter. At first I assumed it was because of his upcoming film, Birth of a Nation, which I do plan to see, by the way. But my assumption turned out to be wrong. Dead wrong.

Apparently, people – specifically Black Twitter – is made at Nate because…

He has a white wife. 

Yes, that’s what I said – he has a white wife!


According to sources, Nate and his wife have been together since they were in college and recently just celebrated the birth of their fourth child!

People have been saying that his opinion no longer matters, his views on the current state of African American affairs is no longer valid, he’s a hypocrite, etc.

What do I have to say to that?

Shut up. Just shut up.

Nate Parker has every right, as a black man, to talk about black issues. And his wife obviously has no issue with him talking about it, so why are we tripping?

That’s the problem with the African American race as a whole – we forgot how to stick together!

We talk about how we need unity, but as soon as someone does something we do like…..the stuff hits the fan!

We praise people like Jesse Williams, who isn’t fully black. Or Harry Belafonte, who is also married to a white woman for advocating black issues. Some of us still even think Bill Clinton was completely pro-black, even though he made his stance on the African American community crystal clear on the video of him talking with the BLM protestor.

And not only that, but we go off and praise these rappers who really have nothing for us either! Let’s be real – a lot of these rappers go out and get a white girl or some racially ambiguous girl whose ethnicity is so vague, we stop caring! Look at their music videos – lighter-skinned girls, white girls, and Puerto Rican girls. THey may throw one or two African American women, but they typically have weaves and are twerking….yeah. So shouldn’t we be mad at them too?

Not to mention that we have people like Raven Symone and Bow Wow out here saying they aren’t black and folks like Wendy Williams blatantly expressing her ignorance about HBCUs…..but we are just going to sip our tea on that one, huh?


All I’m saying is, I was more disappointed that Nate Parker was married than him being married to a white woman. As long as he’s giving us stories that are vital to our history and his wife isn’t out here screaming the N-word and not caring, I’m good.

Leave that man alone!

What are your thoughts on the whole situation? Are you mad that he’s married to a white woman? Do you care at all? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!

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