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Come and See Me at 2AM?

You all know that I’m a HUGE music fan, and I always seem to find odd similarities in songs from time to time.

Well, folks….I’ve found yet another one. But this one’s pretty obvious if you ask me.

PARTYNEXTDOOR came out with a song entitled, “Come Over,” a couple of months ago that I actually liked. I’m not a huge fan of slow songs, but this one caught my attention. Not to mention that I love PND, so I’ll always give his music a chance.

You can check that song out below:

I was bumping that song for a long time until my brain was set on fire by SZA’s song, “2AM,” which you can check out below:

Epic, am I right?!

I honestly can’t really decide which one is my favorite!

They’re talking about the same thing, yet it’s being presented from both sides  – SO COOL!!

What do you think about the songs? Which version do you like better? Am I just a stupid girl with no taste in music? Let me know in the comments!

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