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Weekly Blessings: Week 64: Transparency

Good morning!
Today’s “blessing” is going to be short. Mainly because God gave it to me in a simple sentence that barely needs any explanation:
“Transparency is the devil’s weakness.”
We all know satan is the embodiment of pride and fraud. He’s not even original enough to make up his own stuff – everything he does he steals from God! It’s pitiful!
And one of the ways satan likes to get us and tear us down is through exposure. He knows how terrible it feels to have your dirty little secrets exposed – that’s why it’s so important for God’s people to walk in authority and be transparent.
Once we air out our own dirty laundry and embrace our weaknesses, satan loses his power. And the more we embrace it, the more we weaken him!
So I encourage you today – be transparent. Embrace your dirty little secrets. You’ll be much stronger for it!
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