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5 Music Videos That Creep Me Out

From the title, I’m pretty sure you already understand where I’m going with this post.

Music videos are a big deal, am I right? Just think about it, some songs rely on music videos to become popular – do you really think “Hotline Bling” would have been as popular is Drake’s dancing wouldn’t have become a cultural phenomenon? Let’s just be real.

Now there are a lot of videos that I have come to love (maybe I’ll post about that later), but today I want to share with you guys a few that may or may have not given me nightmares and caused me to look over my shoulder!

5. Aidonia – 90s Gangsta Town

Now this video is as scary as the others I’ll mention on this list, but the clown masks, combined with the music and the fact that I can’t catch everything he’s saying is a bit unnerving, just sayin’. I think it’s more intimidating than anything, though. Clown masks are still creepy though.

4. En Vouge – Whatever

Now before you judge me, just hear me out – I was a kid when this song scared me! The girl with the needles sticking out of her head in the brace is the main thing I remember from this video, mainly because that was the part that freaked me out the most. Besides, watch this video without the music playing – it’s kind of creepy!

3. Busta Rhymes – Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See

Once again, Busta Rhymes scared the heck out of me as a kid, music or not! He was so animated and had all kinds of crazy outfits and music….now I appreciate his artistic expression, but as a child under 10, not so much. No specific person scared me, but it’s just the way it was filmed and the sound of the music that scared me as a kid, not to mention Busta’s makeup – everything was just weird to me at the time.

2. Michael Jackson – Thriller

Of course this would scare me, it’s a scary movie! You can’t tell me that you weren’t afraid of a zombie apocalypse after watching this! What about the creepy voice at the end? Scary!!

1. Busta Rhymes – Gimmie Some More

This videos still bothers me a little bit when I think about it, and I just managed to watch it all the way through a few years ago – still bothers me! I seriously had a bad dream about this video! The little blue demon-boy was just downright freaky, don’t you think? Or am I just crazy?

So there are my five music videos that still haunt me to this day – didn’t realize how afraid I used to be of Busta Rhymes as a kid!

Are there any music videos that have scarred you for life? What are they? Share them in the comments!

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