Weekly Blessings:Week 57: Prayers for Orlando

Good morning.


I’m sure you’ve already heard the news about the tragic shooting that took place at a nightclub in Orlando early this morning.

Terrible. Just terrible.

I don’t have much to say about the incident, because I’m honestly speechless about it. I mean, what can you really say, you know?

But the last thing I want to see is the Christian community condemning these people who have lost their lives.

Yes, as a Christian I do believe that homosexuality is a blatant sin and those who live that way will not make it into Heaven. Just like any sin that God hates, anyone who does not repent will not make it in.

However, there’s nothing we can do now. 50 people are gone. No amount of hope or prayer can change that or their judgement.

What we, as Christians need to do is pray for their families, pray for the gun man’s family, pray for our loved ones and friends who live in that lifestyle, and pray for the LGBT community as a whole. We are called to operate in love and truth. The truth is that what they are doing is an abomination. God calls us to love one another and pray for each other. It’s up to them to decide what path they want to take, but the prayers of the righteous prevail.

This terrible shooting can teach us all a lesson or two. It can be a wakeup call for those who may be gay or who don’t have their lives together to return to Christ. It can also be another warning to Christians – this could have been a shooting at a church lock-in or another church.

We have to be prepared at all times. The world is getting crazier and crazier,so we have to make sure that we are always in Christ.

Some of those people may not had the opportunity to repent and accept Jesus.

We have to be ready,guys. This is serious. No more games.

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