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Weekly Blessings: Week 59: Signs that God said “No” or “Not Yet”


The past two weeks have been a bit depressing, so I wanted to give you guys a brighter message for a change!

I LOVE Periscope! There are so many great speakers and teachers that I absolutely live to hear, and below is one of those people.

JoLynne Whitaker (formerly JoLynne Valerie) is a prophetess that I discovered on Periscope. Many people call themselves prophets and claim to be of God, but not everyone is real, especially on the internet; however, I truly believe that she is serious business, and she backs everything with SCRIPTURE! So important! Anyway, she did a scope a few months ago on God saying “No” or “Not yet” that I thought would be really helpful to you in your walk with Christ. Enjoy!

Hope this message encouraged you and I hope you have a blessed week!!
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