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Weekly Blessings: Week 56: The Push

Hey guys! Long time,no see, am I right?

I’ll do better, I promise!


As you all may know, Tamar Braxton was recently fired from The Real, and she was devastated. Anyone who is suddenly fired from a job would be, right? Well I watched her talk about the situation on a clip from Braxton Family Values, where she basically said something like:

Sometimes God needs us to step out of a situation, but we don’t always move when he needs us to. So sometimes God has to push us to truly move into our destiny.

That really fascinated me – such a simple concept, yet so profound!

Sometimes we can be stubborn or blind and not realize that people or situations are hurting us, but God is always watching and easily spots when the enemy is up to no good. So He allows certain events to occur that may seem bad on the outside, but turned out to be for our good.

Didn’t God tell us not to lean on our own understanding? Didn’t he tell us all things work together for the good? Didn’t he tell us that we can do all things through Him?

So why are we tripping?

Don’t be sad over the lost job, the ruined relationship, or failed friendship. Perhaps that was God pushing you in and effort to save you from making the worst mistake of your life!

Think about it: have you ever been in a job or relationship where you felt like maybe it’s time to move on but you just weren’t sure or were afraid to make the big jump? This is God’s way of confirming that for you! Yeah it may have had a rocky ending or you may be a little hurt, but you got out and you’re now right where God wants you to be. Embrace it!

I’m not sure who this was for – heck, maybe it was for me – either way, I hope I have encouraged someone today!

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