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Weekly Blessings:Week 55: Motherhood

Good morning and Happy Mother’s Day!

Being that today is Mother’s Day, it would only make sense to touch on the importance of a mother!

When I think of a mother, I instantly think of Mary, the mother of Jesus. God Himself impregnated Mary, allowing her to carry a child without ever “knowing a man.”

Makes you think, Mary must have been one special young lady to be picked as the mother of the Savior of the world, am I right? I’m pretty sure Mary understand that it was a big deal, but I don’t think the gravity of the situation hit her until she gave birth – this kid is going to save the world!

Which brings me to my point: mothers go through A LOT to bring us into this world. No, we’re not all born by immaculate conception, but we all were conceived for a reason. It doesn’t matter how or when you got here – it’s all according to God’s plan!

So mothers – never feel bad for having your child young, old, in a tough situation, etc. The child was meant to be here and it was through you that the child was supposed to come. Your child to grow up to be something as big as Bill Gates or Oprah – or someone as influential as John the Baptist or King David.

I don’t know, maybe I’m rambling. What I’m trying to say is….embrace motherhood in whatever form that may be. Not everyone has that ability. And I’m not talking about other women – some women give birth, just not in the natural. Think about it….. some women give birth to purpose, talents, joy. We don’t all give birth the same, but we all experience those labor pains, that’s for sure!

This post feels like it was all over the place, but I just want to encourage you to embrace your mothers today, and for women all over the world to embrace their “babies” – your purpose, your praise, whatever it may be. No one can relate to that like we can!

What did you give birth to?

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