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Weekly Blessings:Week 54:One Accord(Part 2)

“See, they are one people, and they all have the same language. This is only the beginning of what they will do. Now all they plan to do will be possible for them.” ~ Genesis 11:6

Think about that. I don’t think God was just referring to physical language, like English or Spanish – what about Spiritual language?

In order for people to come together for a common goal, they have to be on one accord – heart, mind, spirit. This goes for everyday relationships as well. What is your spiritual language, and what is the language of those around you? Why can’t you seem to stay away from toxic people? Why do you attract the same negativity all the time?

Think about it: if you were in a foreign country where you didn’t know the language, you probably wouldn’t be hanging out with the natives at first, right? You’ll try to find someone who can speak your language so you can function. Same thing with spiritual language – if your language consists of cursing, gossiping, and stealing, you wouldn’t be hanging out with someone who speaks the language of love, generosity, and genuine concern. You have the option to learn the language, but you aren’t obligated to because it’s your choice.

Now let’s take it a bit further:

Let’s say you’re going to be staying in this foreign country for a whole year. You’re going to constantly be exposed to this different language, different accent, different culture, etc. 365 days. As time goes on, you’re more than likely going to pick up the accent or cultural traditions. Why? Because you’re going to be around it so much that you can’t help it!

This is just like people – if you start to hang around toxic, drama-filled people, you’re going to start taking on their characteristics. If you get yourself around praying people, you’re going to get into prayer. Why? Because it’l influence you so much that you can’t help it.

That’s why it is so important to watch who you are around, who your friends are, and what you are watching and listening to. All of those things can sway you if you aren’t careful.

I mean, look at Adam and Eve: They were living in God’s presence and still went against Him. Satan was one of God’s main men and he rejected Him! Not to mention that he influenced a third of the angels in Heaven to do the same thing.

It’s about choices!

So take some time to analyze your spiritual language – what are you saying to others? What language are the people around you speaking?

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