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10 “Singers” Who Really Can’t Sing(Part 1)

Hey – how’s it going?

I haven’t written any sort of active discussion piece in a while, so I thought I would go for it today.

I was recently watching this video by KevOnStage where he named 10 singers that he felt couldn’t really sing, regardless of their popularity. The video was hilarious, but he really had a point! You can check the video out below:

After seeing his list and thinking through some things, I decided to create own personal list. NOTE: No shade to any of these people, just my opinion. Also, this list isn’t in any specific order, so it’s not a countdown. It’s just whoever I chose to write about first. Now let’s get into it!

1. Rihanna

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Apologies to all the RiRi fans out there! I’ve just never really thought she was that great of a singer! Granted, she does have some songs where she does sound good, like “Stay,” as Kevin mentioned, but outside of that she just doesn’t have a strong, dynamic voice. And if you think about it, most of her songs are mainly her kind of “talk-singing.” Think about “B**ch Better Have My Money,” “Umbrella,” “Lovveee Song.” She’s just not all that to me.

2. K. Michelle

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Don’t hurt me, K. Michelle! I love her on reality TV, but she’s not my fav as a singer! She sings too hard for me, which makes her sound like she’s yelling all the time. “Love ’em all” was just about her best song for me. I couldn’t stand “Can’t Raise a Man.”

3. Selena Gomez

When I first wrote this piece, I didn’t really think she was that great of a singer; however, some of her latest music shows that, when given the right type of song, she can sound okay. But she has to stay in her lane.

4. Ciara

I don’t know what it is, but Ciara has always sounded….basic to me. She’s sounds like every other girl singing in their bathroom, you know? She doesn’t have a strong voice, she can’t do any crazy runs,….I don’t know. Just not a fan. She seems to be a lovely person though!

5. Bobby Valentino

Bobby, to me, sings in the back of his throat/nose – I don’t know, it’s just different. Granted, he does have some catchy music with cool beats!

6. Britney Spears

Good ‘ol Britney! Britney’s pop music fits her voice, but without it she’s definitely not a powerhouse. Girl can put on a show, but she can’t blow. Just sayin’.

8.  Cassie

….do I have to explain this one? No…just no.

9. Pharrell

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Pharrell just has a weak, hoarse-sounding voice that makes it seem like he can’t sing, but he’s still doing it! He has to have the right song to fit his voice, I think.

10. Jeremih

I’ve never really thought Jeremih could sing, but his stuff is so darn catchy! His beats are excellent, but, like Pharrell, he has a very weak voice for a man.

10. Lana Del Ray

Now come on, Y’all. Lana Del Ray is a pretty girl, but her voice just isn’t it! She also has a lazy, slightly throaty voice, which means that she can’t sing everything.

Well, there’s my list of singers who can’t really sing! Notice in the title that I said this is part 1, so be on the lookout for part 2!

Did any of your favorite singers make my list(I’m sorry!)? Who would be on your list?

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